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Note 80 – Some notes on ‘etc.’

For the background to my writing challenge, please read my first blog by clicking the following link – If you would prefer to dive straight into note 80, then please read on…

The long and short form

Etc., is a latin abbreviation meaning ‘and so on’, therefore you don’t ever need to write ‘and etc.’

  • Long form = et cetera (traditional way)
  • Short form = etc. (equally acceptable, but always with a full-stop after it)

The Pocket Writer’s Handbook by Martin Mander & Stephen Curtis (Penguin Reference Library) describes a common mistake that people make with et cetera.  They incorrectly pronounce the first part of the long form as ‘ek’ rather than ‘et (as in wet). 

I’ve also found a very good blog by Sherry Coven on using et cetera: Amongst other things, she suggests that you should put a comma before and after the word etc. (languageandgrammar site by Paul Yeager and Sherry Coven –

Hope you have enjoyed reading this.  I blog daily so please don’t forget to come back tomorrow to learn more.

Until tomorrow…


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The Pocket Writer’s Handbook by Martin Mander & Stephen Curtis (Penguin Reference Library)

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