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Note 109 – ‘Can’ v ‘May’

The Pocket Writer’s Handbook by Martin Mander & Stephen Curtis  explains that although the word ‘may’ is the traditional way of saying ‘be allowed to’ (when asking permission to do something) the word ‘can’ meaning ‘be able to’ is often used instead.  The difference is shown in the following examples:

  • “May I have a sweet?” (Am I allowed to have a sweet)
  • “They may use the school hall for the party” (They are allowed to use the school hall for the party)
  • “I can make cakes” (I am able to make cakes)
  • “I think she can do a handstand” (I think she is able to do a handstand)

The Grammar Monster website has a very simple way of remembering the difference which is:

“Use ‘may’ for permission.  Use ‘can’ for ability” 

The Grammar Monster online also suggests that you can use ‘can’ and ‘may’ for permission in informal situations (examples 1 and 2 below), but to always use ‘may’ in “formal settings or polite company” (as in example 3 below):

  1. Can I have a sweet please?  (Am I allowed to have a sweet please?)
  2. They can use the school hall for the party. (They are allowed to use the school hall for the party.)
  3. May I have this dance with you? (Am I permitted/allowed to have this dance with you?)

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