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Note 201 – How the Digg social media tool can drive traffic to your site

I’ve heard a lot about Digg and its benefits to writers but never visited the site until today.  Digg is a social media site displaying blogs and articles about a wide variety of topics e.g. lifestyle, sport, technology and many more.  Digg itself doesn’t decide what is popular, this is all done by users votes (or Diggs). 

The front page is the place to be on Digg, but it is apparently very hard to make it there. The other challenge is that you need to pick great content and have powerful friends (source: Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah).

Steps to join Digg and how to start Digging:

  • Website – Go to
  • Register – Create a user name and password.
  • Start Digging – Find an article you like and click Digg (another term for this is upvoting).  You can also leave a comment. 
  • Submit link – To upload your own article, click ‘submit link’ a the top of the page and add your link.

A few tips:

  • Create great titles for your articles/blogs – Spend a lot of time on the title of your blog or article.  It’s worth doing this as it’s the title that will attract people. 
  • Add a Digg button – Have you got a Digg button on your website or at the end of your articles/blogs?  Once someone has read your article, they can choose to click on the Digg button without leaving your site.   
  • Review current content on Digg – Have a browse around to see what sort of articles are being shown on there.  I’ve had a look today and there are quite a few categories including technical articles and news articles.
  • Rules around submitting your own content – Don’t submit all your articles to Digg – if you submit quite a few and they get downvoted, you could get banned (if this happens – you won’t be allowed to upload anything else from that particular site).
  • Don’t expect lots of traffic – Unless you are fortunate to be on the front page, don’t expect to get lots of traffic; however, once you are on there, you should get tens of thousands of hits to your site.

As I’m new to Digg – is anyone else a user and if so do you find it useful?

Until tomorrow…

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3 thoughts on “Note 201 – How the Digg social media tool can drive traffic to your site

  1. I just joined Digg today after reading your blog. i wrote a few days agho about all the various different social mediums I belong to and Digg was not one of them. Today I have to add another to that list.

    Posted by MercXue | November 20, 2011, 4:48 pm


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