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Note 359 – The word loquacious

Whilst watching a television quiz show at the weekend, the contestant was being asked the meaning of the word loquacious.  Out of the three options on the screen, I picked the answer ‘nearby’!  The correct answer was in fact ‘talkative’.  Merriam Webster online dictionary defines loquacious as:

  1. Full of excessive talk: wordy
  2. Given to fluent or excessive talk

According to, loquacious means “talkative or chatty, especially of persons given to excessive conversation”.  It has Latin origination i.e. loquacis meaning ‘talkative’ and loqui meaning ‘to speak’.

Sentences using loquacious

  • They were a loquacious crowd.
  • Tim wasn’t very loquacious when I first met him
  • “You are a very loquacious chap”, said Tina

Antonyms of loquacious: quiet and reserved

My thoughts: Loquacious is quite a nice sounding word that I might use in the future.  

Until tomorrow…

7 days of My Writing Challenge to go…


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3 thoughts on “Note 359 – The word loquacious

  1. I agree – loquacious as a word has a nice feel to it. I also rather like the word ‘cogitate’.

    Posted by Bronte Bailey | June 16, 2012, 4:24 am


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