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Note 260 – Adding incredible Flickr images to your blogs

I want to share with you a great post from called A complete guide to finding and using incredible flickr images.  The author Skellie (who no longer updates the site but has great archived content on there) writes how “images included with most posts magnetize the eye to the page and create an atmosphere for the rest of the piece”.  That … Continue reading

Note 259 – Adding images using the WordPress media gallery

A couple of months ago, I blogged about using images in my posts, but stopped using them after a few days as it felt too big a job to either find an image or take a photo myself.  I thought about it again this week when my brother Robert quite rightly pointed out that my blogs would be more appealing with an image. Now, Robert … Continue reading

Note 194 – Adding a free Flickr image to your blog post

I decided that today was going to be the day that I learnt how to add a free online Flickr image to my blog.  Before going straight to the Flickr website, I typed in ‘Free blog photos’ in Google which brought back 995 million results.  The article that caught my eye was called Top 6 Sites to Find … Continue reading

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