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My Writing Challenge – Full List of Posts

It’s been almost three weeks since the final post of My Writing Challenge.  I’ll be posting an email later in the week about what life’s been like without the daily blogging, but in the meantime I just wanted to communicate a few changes that I have made to this site: NEW BLOG TITLE – The name that previously appeared at the top of each … Continue reading

Note 348 – Accidentally overwriting blog posts

I was horrified that I was able to overwrite last night’s blog post by mistake (from my iPhone) but thankfully it all turned out okay, by taking advantage of the cool feature in WordPress – I apologise in advance if you already know about this. Here are the steps I took to mess things up … Continue reading

Note 184 – Five things I’ve learnt about blog category management

You are about to post your blog and you realise that you haven’t categorised it.  You look to see what your most used categories are and click the same old ones.  Many posts later, you realise that you haven’t quite categorised them correctly.  What do you do, especially when you have got nearly 200 on there? In case … Continue reading

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