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Note 235 – I mapped my WordPress blog to a new domain in just a few minutes!

If you read yesterday’s post Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?, you will know that I was considering making some changes to my WordPress domain name. Everytime I logged into WordPress, I was seeing the message ‘Be the master of your own domain….’ and I’ve been tempted for a while now. All … Continue reading

Note 234 – Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?

I’ve been thinking of being the ‘master of my own domain’ on this blog rather than having ‘WordPress’ in the URL but I am hesitant because of a few things such as the cost and a lack of understanding of how it works.  Is it automatic that everyone who is already following me will know the new URL? Maybe this is a … Continue reading

Note 232 – Direct readers to relevant content via links in your bylines

When you first start out as a freelance writer and set up your first blog or website, you hope that people not only read what your post, but also like it enough to give you positive feedback.  Once you get a few subscribers and followers, you try and think of ways to get their continued support by providing rich … Continue reading

Note 225 – Copying a post in WordPress

I posted a question on the WordPress Forum today but as I haven’t had a response yet, I thought I would throw the question to a wider audience.  The situation is that I used to be able to copy a post that I had already published, thus saving me time each day.  At the moment I … Continue reading

Note 222 – Eight things to consider before creating a writing portfolio

I’ve recently been reading about setting up a writing portfolio. After a bit of a brainstorming session, I’ve put together a check list of things to think about before creating one: Where to put the portfolio. How often to up update it. What to put in the portfolio. Whether to create a word document with them all in … Continue reading

Note 195 – Creating useful lists in Twitter which may help you as a writer

If you have a Twitter account and follow hundreds of people, it becomes an unmanageable task of viewing all the tweets from those you are following in your timeline – they pop up every second, all day long!  I just do a quick scan down my timeline now and again and read (and sometimes retweet) … Continue reading

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