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Note 324 – Eight online sources of information + useful tips

When I wrote yesterday’s post, Note 323 – Eight books as a source of information, it made me realise how much I’ve missed each and every one of my writing books, as I tend to use the internet as a source of reference nowadays instead. I must get back to reading the books as a … Continue reading

Note 246 – What does your blog or website give others?

Does your blog or site make someone’s life better?  This morning when I was thinking about what my website gives others, I opened an email from Sonia Simone, co-founder of about the source of authority*.  What I found interesting as I read on, was their explanation that “authority is about more than attention … it’s about a … Continue reading

Note 235 – I mapped my WordPress blog to a new domain in just a few minutes!

If you read yesterday’s post Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?, you will know that I was considering making some changes to my WordPress domain name. Everytime I logged into WordPress, I was seeing the message ‘Be the master of your own domain….’ and I’ve been tempted for a while now. All … Continue reading

Note 234 – Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?

I’ve been thinking of being the ‘master of my own domain’ on this blog rather than having ‘WordPress’ in the URL but I am hesitant because of a few things such as the cost and a lack of understanding of how it works.  Is it automatic that everyone who is already following me will know the new URL? Maybe this is a … Continue reading

Note 197 – How SEO tool ‘Website Grader’ can help you improve your website

This morning I was listening to Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s audio CD called Inbound Marketing and I am excited to tell you about one of their suggested tools, which is ‘Website Grader’ by HubSpot.  It is a useful free tool which can show you how your website grades.  It also identifies SEO problems and how popular you on the social media side.  The process is … Continue reading

Note 183 – Well organised blog content

This is day 183 which marks the half way point of My Writing Challenge. I feel that I now need to organise the content not only for historical posts but also future ones, so that they are all accessible to readers of this blog.  I will update the site to make it easy to do things like ‘search by category’ or ‘find the most popular … Continue reading

Note 174 – How writers can earn money using Google AdSense

When I first signed up to Technorati, they suggested that it was a good idea to have a Google AdSense account.  I wasn’t sure about this as adverts can put people off; however, after researching it and also noticing it on other reputable sites, I realised that this is an option that a lot of companies choose to … Continue reading

Note 161 – Your web presence as a freelance writer

If you want to make money writing online you need to set up a web presence as a writer.  The Daily Writing Tips course that I’m doing at the moment suggests that it’s useful to have either a website or a blog to showcase your work, so that potential clients have somewhere to see who you are and … Continue reading

Note 144 – How SEO can help you as a writer

I’ve seen the abbreviation SEO quite a lot recently. It’s short for Search Engine Optimisation and there are many companies out there whose job is to help others attract more visitors to their websites, webpages, blogs etc., although there are ways that you can do this yourself by learning how to use the right key words. Having … Continue reading

Note 123 – Organising your web content

This blog marks the end of the fourth month of my writing challenge (eight months to go!). Today I wanted to write about something a little different so I visited one of my favourite websites for inspiration… …I knew that there had to be a reason why I kept revisiting the Daily Writing Tips website … Continue reading

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