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Balancing writing, housework and other activities

Being a writer, I like to have the time to write.  Being a homeowner, I like to live in a tidy, clutter-free house. Getting the balance right is tricky.  I used to take a week off to clear the clutter and organise the house, and fitted in my writing around it.  Then last year my … Continue reading

When I am not blogging, I am…

…sleeping, working, spending time with the family, relaxing, pottering about the house, exercising, reading, thinking, and the list goes on.  Since completing my 366 day writing challenge a few weeks ago, I have had a chance to reflect on the year and think about what the challenge has taught me.  I’m a fighter and didn’t want to miss a day!  What I have come … Continue reading

Note 317 – I AM a writer, so let’s move on a step…

I just made myself smile when I read the following post from five months ago: Note 169 – When are you qualified to say ‘I am a writer’? as I feel so different now.  It was difficult back then to say ‘I am a project manager, and also a writer‘ whenever anyone asked what I do.  I used … Continue reading

Note 256 – Balancing Writing and Family

Whilst writing yesterday’s post Note 255 – Writing commitments as a busy parent, I googled write-life balance to see if anyone had written about how to balance writing and life and The Writing/Life Balance by Jamie Raintree was the only article that I could see that title in.  I am so glad I read it and it’s given me … Continue reading

Note 155 – Putting the writing plan to the test

Yesterday I blogged about creating a writing plan that works. Today I have not only tested out the plan, but also discussed it with the family which includes my two young children.  They seemed to like the idea that if mummy starts to make more money in her new freelance writing career, she will be able to … Continue reading

Note 154 – Creating a writing plan that works

This week I began a six week freelance writing course with Daily Writing Tips and one of the first tasks was to create a writing plan.  This couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been struggling to fit everything in.  Today I have been busy adding up the hours I spend on the different areas of my life, … Continue reading

I’m posting every day in 2011!

For my regular readers, you will know that I have been blogging in My Writing Notebook as part of My Writing Challenge since 1st May 2011. I have now discovered from another fellow blogger that there is a ‘post a day 2011’ challenge which I really want to be part of. I am therefore promising to … Continue reading

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