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Note 317 – I AM a writer, so let’s move on a step…

I just made myself smile when I read the following post from five months ago: Note 169 – When are you qualified to say ‘I am a writer’? as I feel so different now.  It was difficult back then to say ‘I am a project manager, and also a writer‘ whenever anyone asked what I do.  I used to say things like ‘I’m sort of a writer’ or ‘I’m trying to be a writer…’  which just sounds so wishy-washy!  

When I am asked the question now, it just slips off my tongue like I have been a writer for years.  I feel proud to be a writer. Funny thing is, I have been a writer for years but only in the last few months have I felt confident enough to say it.

Let’s move things on a step…

As the above worked, I wonder if I should start repeating a few other things to myself like ‘I earn money from my writing…’ or ‘.  ‘I am a published writer…’. How about that?  Let’s see if, in the same time span, I’ll be referring back to this post with a smile too.

Think about your writing wishes.  Then turn them into realistic objectives or goals with a deadline.

Check out this movie clip

In a blog called I am a writer, that’s what I am by, there is a clip from a movie called ‘That’s what I am’.  The clip is only 1.29 minutes long and definitely worth watching (I might have to watch the whole movie now!). 

Until tomorrow…

49 days of My Writing Challenge to go…

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3 thoughts on “Note 317 – I AM a writer, so let’s move on a step…

  1. Hi hon

    I’ve nominated you to receive The Versatile Blogger Award


    Posted by Vikki (The View Outside) | March 13, 2012, 9:15 am


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