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Note 267 – The benefits of writing ‘how to’ articles

I see a lot of articles come through my inbox from sites I subscribe to. Whenever I see a ‘how to’ article I feel compelled to click on it,  possibly because it might teach me something (and I love learning). The most recent one was from Write it Sideways by Suzannah. She always writes good articles so opening a ‘how … Continue reading

Note 182b – Psychology of Writing (after clutter clearing)

I’m glad I committed myself to coming back to a second blog today.  It made me clear the space around where I write and now I feel a whole lot better.  Here’s the link if you missed Note 182a.  Below are also a few notes about the psychology of writing that I was inspired to write after reading … Continue reading

Note 182a – Psychology of Writing (before clutter clearing)

I am sitting here at my writing desk today, not able to concentrate or get inspired because my writing space around me is so messy. I usually think that I would be better off getting the writing done and then clear up afterwards, but quite often it’s late at night when I finish and I’m not in the … Continue reading

Note 134 – Writing: Don’t fear the negative comments

According to Watts publishing Group, in an article called ‘Launching a career in writing’, “fear has no place in the industry of writing”. Don’t worry that people aren’t going to see things the same way as you and certainly don’t stop writing because you have got stung by negative comments/criticism.  You may be stopping your natural talent taking you to where … Continue reading

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