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Note 192 – ‘In doing so’ v ‘in so doing’

A work colleague emailed me today with this scenario: ‘In doing so’ versus ‘In so doing’ – which is better or grammatically correct?  Or is it the use of old fashioned language to use the latter? Before researching, my immediate thought was that ‘in doing so’ sounds better, but after a quick glance at some forums both … Continue reading

Note 172 – Is the spelling installment or instalment?

Whenever I type this word, I struggle to remember if it is spelt instalment or installment.  Today, I got caught out by someone reviewing one of my other blogs (which inspired me to write today’s blog), so as usual I went looking for explanations.  Wiki Answers explains that installment and instalment both mean the same, but installment (with a … Continue reading

Note 171 – Is the spelling focussed or focused?

Is it focussed or focused?  A work colleague asked me how to spell this word today and I had to look it up.  The Colllins English dictionary and Merriam Webster‘s website indicated that both spellings were correct.  I decided to Google it to find out which is preferred. says “This word [focussed or focused] can take either double or … Continue reading

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