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Note 290 – The word therein

I have used this word a few times recently so thought that it was about time I looked up the exact definition and found out if it should have a hyphen or not.  The free shows it with a hyphen ‘there-in’ and they define this adverb as follows: In that place, time, or thing. In that … Continue reading

Note 68 – Relative adverbs

For the background to my writing challenge, please read my first blog by clicking the following link – If you would prefer to dive straight into note 68, then please read on… What is a relative adverb? John Seely, in his book The Oxford A-Z of Grammar & Punctuation, explains that a relative adverb is … Continue reading

Note 2 – Rules for the word ‘however’

I have learnt today that the word however can appear at the beginning or later in a sentence, although my research has led me to believe that there is no fixed rule.  My references below are just a few, but give you an idea of the different meanings of the word, where it can be placed and how it can be … Continue reading

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