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Note 155 – Putting the writing plan to the test

Yesterday I blogged about creating a writing plan that works. Today I have not only tested out the plan, but also discussed it with the family which includes my two young children.  They seemed to like the idea that if mummy starts to make more money in her new freelance writing career, she will be able to take an extra day off per week from her main job (or a few hours at least) to take them and pick them up from school.  I’m so determined to make this work…

I’ve reviewed my plan today and the 25 hours a week for freelance work appears to work on paper. I also discussed with my partner and girls that when I’m not doing my main job, other chores and my freelance work (which is what I’ve decided to call it), I will be able to spend focused time on them (which is currently in my plan for about 28 hours a week).   Let’s just see if it works in practice.

How it’s working for me

What I have learnt today, is that following the plan made me feel a lot more relaxed this afternoon when spending time with the family (as I had already spent a few hours this morning writing and editing). I even let my girls soak me with a hose and had such a laugh about it!  It was so much fun, plus I knew that I had an hour or so later in the day to do more writing.

It’s all working out and I feel very grateful to the Daily Writing Tips course for setting this as the first activity.  It’s put a whole new perspective on how I am going to manage my time.

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