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Note 245 – The Pressure of New Year’s Resolutions; Choose to be Different…

Unless you absolutely have to start your goals or resolutions on January 1st (which most of us don’t) why not choose a different starting point?  Why not make yours January 15th or a completely different month to give yourself a bit more time for ideas to form?  This way you are more likely to stick to them.  Anyway, “according to statistics, … Continue reading

Note 244 – Making income from your authoritative website

In yesterday’s post, I promised to share with you the concept of making money from your blog or website once you have built up enough great content. Brian Clark (founder of Copyblogger) explains in his report 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing (which I downloaded from Authority that the next logical step … Continue reading

Note 243 – Authority = Great Content + Shared Links + Google Ranking

How does Google know that your site is important? Google knows because people link to your great content. These links are important, as without them, you may as well be invisible on the internet. Google indexes and ranks these links according to how much authority your site has. Authority seems to be a topic that … Continue reading

Note 242 – Definition and Use of the Latin Word [Sic]

Sic is an adverb first seen in English in the mid 19th century, translating to ‘intentionally so written’ according to Wikipedia.  It comes from the Latin adverb sīc meaning ‘thus’, ‘as such’ or ‘in such a manner’ and is pronounced as sick, although Wikipedia suggests that “its Latin ancestor is pronounced more like the English word seek“.  The word sic usually … Continue reading

Note 241 – Origami: The Art of Folding Paper

I didn’t realise how magical the art of folding paper was until I opened the book that I bought my daughters for Christmas – it’s called Origami for Children by Mari and Roshin Ono. The book contains 35 projects and a pack of very pretty paper for making the objects. We made a box this … Continue reading

Note 240 – The spelling of yuletide and its definition

Before writing this today, I checked the Google AdWords tool to see what the competition and frequency was for the word yuletide.  Did you know that almost as many people search for yule tide or yule-tide (33,100 global monthly searches) as they do the combined word yuletide (40,500 glogal monthly searches).  The word jul had an even bigger monthly search … Continue reading

Note 239 – The word ‘Humbug’ and the term ‘Bah Humbug’

It’s Christmas Day and I want to spend time with my family, but staying true to my writing challenge, I will still provide a blog for you today – but it will be a short one.  I thought I would find out a little bit about the term Bah Humbug.  This is the character Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous … Continue reading

Note 238 – You’ll make it as a writer if you just have hope

Writers love people reading what they have poured their time into, and revel in the constructive comments and praise.  All of this keeps a writer going and encourages the creation of another piece of work; however, there is something else important.  This is the hope that something great will come of all this writing and that it will generate enough income to be able to spend more time … Continue reading

Note 237 – Do you lay or lie on the settee?

I often have to think about this one before I write it.  Does a person lay on the settee or do they lie on it? The answer is, you lie on it.  Richard Lamb in his book The Queen’s English, says “I object when told to lay on the chiropractor’s couch.  Lay what?”. Before I continue, none of this relates to … Continue reading

Note 236 – Writing Better Twitter Headlines

I came across an excellent tip today from in their article The Art of Wrting Great Twitter Headlines.  They advise you to think of your headline as a promise to the reader – what it is you are going to deliver to them and how you are going to ensure it fulfils their needs.  When … Continue reading

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