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Note 240 – The spelling of yuletide and its definition

Before writing this today, I checked the Google AdWords tool to see what the competition and frequency was for the word yuletide.  Did you know that almost as many people search for yule tide or yule-tide (33,100 global monthly searches) as they do the combined word yuletide (40,500 glogal monthly searches).  The word jul had an even bigger monthly search as it is the Scandinavian and Germanic word for yule according to Wikipedia.

So which is correct yuletide, yule-tide or yule tide?, who define the word as the ‘season of yule’, shows the spelling as yule-tide.   The Merriam-Webster dictionary also spell it yule-tide and defines it as The Christmas season, with suggested synonyms of Christmastide and Christmastime.

Definition of Yule or Yuletide

Wikipedia defines yule, yuletide or yule-time as a “winter event” celebrated by Germanic peoples, which many years later became known as (or was at least equal to) the “Christian festival of Christmas“.

The earliest references to the period of time that the yuletide covers, relates to the Germanic calendars which roughly translates in our calendar to around a month in length, falling somewhere between mid November and early January (source Wikipedia).

Yule log

Something a little fun – Christmas Special: Learn to Make a Yule log (IBN Live on YouTube).  Looks yummy!

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