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Note 360 – About the Versatile Blogger Award

I’m touched to have received the Versatile Blogger Award for the second time.  A very big thank you to Heart Whispers for nominating me (Heart Whispers is a fantastic blog – definitely worth a visit).  Also, it’s taken over a week to pass this on – I had to schedule a place in these last few posts of … Continue reading

Note 335 – The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to thank Janet Koops (Postcard Fiction) for nominating me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  It’s an honour to receive it.  The rules for receiving this award are: 1. To thank the person who has awarded you by linking back to them 2. To share 7 things about yourself 3. To pass the award onto 7 … Continue reading

Note 318 – The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated to receive a Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely & talented Vikki (The View Outside). Thank you so much – I really appreciate it… The rules for accepting this award are as follows: 1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post. 2. Share 7 things about yourself. 3. … Continue reading

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