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Note 227 – Ever wondered how people communicated before writing?

Over five thousand years ago, writing and recording information was very different to how it is today. According to the website, the people of Mesopotamia developed a form of writing in order to communicate with each other about things such as taxes and crops. Pictograms were the first recorded method of writing and these were in the … Continue reading

Note 218 – How the Merriam-Webster Company was formed

Whilst writing Note 215 – A little bit of history about British and American English the other day, I came across the name Noah Webster and the company name G&C Merriam Company and realised that there must be some connection so I’ve been researching over the last few days.  The history of how Merriam-Webster was formed is quite interesting – … Continue reading

Note 116 – Etymology: the study of word origins

I came across the word etymology today when flicking through Bernard C Lamb’s book The Queen’s English which gave me the inspiration to write today’s blog. Etymology is “the study of the sources and development of words” according to the Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus.  Studying where words come from, can help with spelling, for … Continue reading

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