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Decluttering Daily Leads To Writing Daily

On New Year’s Day 2020, I decided to start a challenge on my other blog to declutter or introduce a mini system around the house every day in order to reduce the amount of stuff and provide more clear space. Yesterday whilst I was writing my thirteenth post, I thought about how happy I was … Continue reading

Small Writing Steps in Favourite Places

I apologise for not blogging for a while as all my writing time is going into the rewrite of my book Juggling Life, Kids and You.  It’s going well though and I’m pleased with my progress as I’m about half way through!  By taking small writing steps each day, things are moving forward a lot … Continue reading

Note 304 – Laptop stands can help with posture issues

Having a break after every 25 minutes of typing (chiropractor’s orders!) is certainly taking the pressure off my back. Also, when I looked through my notebook today, I found many ideas that I could use for today’s blog. This meant that I didn’t need to spend as much time sitting there poised or hunched over … Continue reading

Note 255 – Writing commitments as a busy parent

An amazing post called The Dos and Don’ts for Busy Parents Who Blog appeared in my inbox this morning, and the timing couldn’t have been better as it not only captured exactly how I was feeling yesterday, but sums up how other parents feel when trying to multi-task with writing and other chores. It’s written by … Continue reading

Note 249 – Researching how to create ebooks from your blog content

Although I have the material to put into an ebook, I’ve never actually looked into how I would create one. There are so many people out there selling ebooks via their websites, or offering them as free downloads in exchange for subscribing.   There is also a lot of information online on how easy it is to create an ebook – … Continue reading

Note 227 – Ever wondered how people communicated before writing?

Over five thousand years ago, writing and recording information was very different to how it is today. According to the website, the people of Mesopotamia developed a form of writing in order to communicate with each other about things such as taxes and crops. Pictograms were the first recorded method of writing and these were in the … Continue reading

Note 210 – You can’t put a price on a writer’s notebook

I don’t go anywhere without my moleskin notebook, although I have recently bought a few of paperblanks ones as I’m drawn to their great designs and magnetised closures.  With their acid-free pages (doing the job of preserving) your writing won’t disappear gradually over the years. My very first A4 lined notebook that I began when I was four years old was not of the … Continue reading

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