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Note 363 – What’s your label: Blogger, Writer or Author?

Six months ago I wrote Note 169 – When are you qualified to say ‘I am a writer’?. Since then I have written every day, taken an online freelance writing course, moved a few steps forward with my book, set up a web presence as a freelance writer, and so much more. It has certainly … Continue reading

Note 235 – I mapped my WordPress blog to a new domain in just a few minutes!

If you read yesterday’s post Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?, you will know that I was considering making some changes to my WordPress domain name. Everytime I logged into WordPress, I was seeing the message ‘Be the master of your own domain….’ and I’ve been tempted for a while now. All … Continue reading

Note 184 – Five things I’ve learnt about blog category management

You are about to post your blog and you realise that you haven’t categorised it.  You look to see what your most used categories are and click the same old ones.  Many posts later, you realise that you haven’t quite categorised them correctly.  What do you do, especially when you have got nearly 200 on there? In case … Continue reading

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