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Decluttering Daily Leads To Writing Daily

On New Year’s Day 2020, I decided to start a challenge on my other blog to declutter or introduce a mini system around the house every day in order to reduce the amount of stuff and provide more clear space. Yesterday whilst I was writing my thirteenth post, I thought about how happy I was … Continue reading

Decluttering inspires me to write again

I used to use my train journey to write until I moved jobs 5 plus year ago I used to write in my journal at bedtime until I got too tired I used to write in moleskin notebooks until I forgot where I put them I used to type on my laptop until it stopped … Continue reading

Balancing writing, housework and other activities

Being a writer, I like to have the time to write.  Being a homeowner, I like to live in a tidy, clutter-free house. Getting the balance right is tricky.  I used to take a week off to clear the clutter and organise the house, and fitted in my writing around it.  Then last year my … Continue reading

Note 294 – Rewriting is the essence of writing

Even though I like things to be clear and concise when I read them, I do love decluttering a piece of writing. I revel in sorting things out (a bit like a messy room – I love to plan my attack and get straight in!). Anyway, today I got to utilise this skill whilst rewriting … Continue reading

Note 182b – Psychology of Writing (after clutter clearing)

I’m glad I committed myself to coming back to a second blog today.  It made me clear the space around where I write and now I feel a whole lot better.  Here’s the link if you missed Note 182a.  Below are also a few notes about the psychology of writing that I was inspired to write after reading … Continue reading

Note 182a – Psychology of Writing (before clutter clearing)

I am sitting here at my writing desk today, not able to concentrate or get inspired because my writing space around me is so messy. I usually think that I would be better off getting the writing done and then clear up afterwards, but quite often it’s late at night when I finish and I’m not in the … Continue reading

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