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Note 342 – Can writing promote everyday happiness?

When you have something on your mind, you can do a number of things – the main ones being: Keep it to yourself Talk to others Write it down But, which is the best way, or is it different for each person?  Which method encourages more feelings of happiness?  I’ve just started reading :59 seconds by Professor Richard … Continue reading

Note 286 – How writers can benefit from stressful situations

Do you write down your thoughts when feeling stressed or angry? Not only can this process make you feel better, but when you read your notes back you may find gold nuggets of inspiration which can be used in a writing piece to help others too. Stressful and difficult situations can influence you into writing … Continue reading

Note 257 – Little Writing Steps v Writing Burnout

Daily improvements can really make a difference to your life.  As a writer you may do this by committing yourself to do something daily in order to move closer towards your writing goals.  This can put pressure on you to come up with an article, blog or other writing piece when either inspiration doesn’t strike, or on the days when you are … Continue reading

Note 223 – Don’t feel guilty about not writing

Should you feel guilty about not writing if you don’t feel well?  The answer is no; however, my challenge is ‘to learn something new about writing every day for a year and blog about it to share with others,  every day for a year’, so here I am.  I was laying in a quiet, dark … Continue reading

Note 186 – Preparing for writer’s block

Today’s suggestion for a writing topic comes from Noel Walker, founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want (Twitter @GTLYW).  The suggestion he tweeted was “what about something on the lines of writers block i.e. just start writing, anything & allow those inspired thoughts to come?”. Thanks Noel.  I don’t recall ever having writer’s block as such, but … Continue reading

Note 182b – Psychology of Writing (after clutter clearing)

I’m glad I committed myself to coming back to a second blog today.  It made me clear the space around where I write and now I feel a whole lot better.  Here’s the link if you missed Note 182a.  Below are also a few notes about the psychology of writing that I was inspired to write after reading … Continue reading

Note 182a – Psychology of Writing (before clutter clearing)

I am sitting here at my writing desk today, not able to concentrate or get inspired because my writing space around me is so messy. I usually think that I would be better off getting the writing done and then clear up afterwards, but quite often it’s late at night when I finish and I’m not in the … Continue reading

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