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Note 275 – Dos-à-dos, dosado and do-si-do

Dos-à-dos is French for ‘back-to-back’.  Although I seem to remember this as a dance step from my younger days, I wasn’t entirely sure of the spelling – I probably would have said that it was spelled do-si-do or something similar.  According to Wikipedia, dosado (a corrupted spelling of dos-à-dos) is a basic dance move, that can also be known as do-sa-do, do-si-do or … Continue reading

Note 265 – Word confusions: proof, prove and proving

This week I have been looking at commonly misspelled words, and ‘proof’, ‘prove’ and ‘proving’ fall into this category.  Although I know that proof has two ‘o’s and prove hasn’t, I tend to pause when writing ‘prove’ or ‘proving’ as it sounds like they should have a second ‘o’ (as in ‘proove’ or ‘prooving’). An article on … Continue reading

Note 261 – A few commonly misspelled words

Did you spot the mistake in the Wikipedia image?  The theme this week is commonly misspelled words.  In fact misspelled is one in itself – a lot of people spell it with one ‘s’ when in fact is has two.  There also doesn’t appear to be a spelling ‘misspelt’ and no one has even written about … Continue reading

Note 177 – Before you read on – is it brocolli or broccoli?

I’m going to be honest here – I wrote down the words brocolli and broccoli yesterday and decided that the former was correct.  Later in the same day, my six year old daughter asked why I had written both spellings down and quite confidently told me that it has to ‘c’s and one ‘l’.  I double checked the dictionary and … Continue reading

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