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Note 315 – The difference between disc and disk

I’ve often wondered why compact disc has a ‘c’, but then other disks have a ‘k’ in British English. Wikipedia have a section on spelling of disc and explain that although they both relate to things of a thin circular nature, there is a difference which relates to the origin of the words. The spelling … Continue reading

Note 262 – Spelling commitments: Committing yourself to spelling correctly

A commonly misspelled group of words are committee, committed, committing and commitment.  Notice how the word commitment has only one ’t’ whereas the other words have two; however, don’t forget that in all word forms they have two ‘m’s. Here is a list provided by wikihow: A few commonly misspelled ones on the list are: Suprise (correct spelling: … Continue reading

Note 247 – Definition and Origin of ‘Beck and Call’

When I used the phrase beck and call in Have you Asked for Time to Yourself? (one of my other blogs), I made a mental note that I was going to define it at some point, and find out a little bit more about its origin.  According to, a person who is at your beck and call is “someone who does everything for … Continue reading

Note 191 – Have you tried using talking dictionaries?

There are two online dictionaries that I have found useful when trying to work out how to pronounce something. is “a free online dictionary of English pronunciation” with 151,299 entries (as at the time of writing).  After you’ve typed in your word, it appears in pink – you then hover your mouse over the word and an … Continue reading

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