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Note 282 – The word synonymous

I like the sound of the word synonymous, but have never used it in a sentence before (although I have written about synonyms). define it as ‘equivalent in meaning’ or ‘expressing or implying the same idea’.  Synonymous is in the top ten percent of words looked up in the Merriam-Webster dictionaries and their definitions of this 17th century word are:

  • having the character of a synonym
  • alike in meaning or significance
  • having the same connotations, implications, or reference

According to the example sentences in Your, you can be synonymous with many things including quality, wealth or even innovation, but the two sentences on there which I feel explain the word synonymous the best are:

  • “Old ale – now virtually synonymous with ‘ winter ale'”.
  • “In 1850 isaac merritt singer, whose name was to become almost synonymous with sewing machines, made his first machine”.

Now I’ll create a couple of sentences of my own.  Here goes:

  • The terms of Sally’s and my contract were synonymous, it was only Jane’s that differed.
  • He’d worked there for so many years that his name was synonymous with the company.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  If you can think of any other sentences with this word in it, please leave me a comment.

Until tomorrow…

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