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Note 334 – The word insatiable

Cambridge online dictionary defines insatiable as a desire or need “too great to be satisfied”.  According to, nouns to which insatiable is often applied are appetite, desire, curiosity, thirst, hunger, need and greed. 

Sentences using the word insatiable

  • The man had an insatiable curiosity about life
  • He constantly read books to feed his insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • No matter how much water he drank it never quenched his insatiable thirst

Antonym (opposite)

To help put this word into perspective, the opposite of insatiable is satiable which means “capable of being appeased or satisfied” (source Merriam-Webster Dictionaries).

To recap

Satiable means that something or someone can be satisfied and insatiable means that it cannot be satisfied.

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