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Note 284 – Have you got a secret blog editor?

Have you ever revisited one of your own blog posts and even though you know that you read it through several times before posting it, you find a mistake – only a teeny-weeny one, but a mistake nevertheless?  Alternatively, it may get pointed out by ‘Mr Smug’. So, apart from the obvious things like using spellchecker or going back … Continue reading

Note 270 – Tips on hiding your writing from prying eyes

On my commute to work, I sometimes take my laptop to do some writing.  The other day I was sitting next to a man who just kept glancing over at the screen.  It wasn’t that I was hiding anything in particular, in fact I was just typing a blog post, but it was a little annoying.  I decided … Continue reading

Note 257 – Little Writing Steps v Writing Burnout

Daily improvements can really make a difference to your life.  As a writer you may do this by committing yourself to do something daily in order to move closer towards your writing goals.  This can put pressure on you to come up with an article, blog or other writing piece when either inspiration doesn’t strike, or on the days when you are … Continue reading

Note 254 – How many words or pages should an ebook have?

Just before I trotted off to the library this lunchtime, I casually mentioned to a friend (and fellow writer) that I didn’t have a clue what the subject of my blog was going to be today. We started talking about how many days were left on my writing challenge and what I was going to do … Continue reading

Note 252 – The use of Prefixes and Suffixes

According to Oxford, prefixes and suffixes are not words in their own right but a group of letters added to the beginning and end of other words to form new ones.  Prefixes such as omni- and un- can be placed at the beginning of bus and cover to make omnibus and uncover, whereas suffixes such as -able and -ise can be placed at the end … Continue reading

Note 250 – The Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Amy Marie The Literary Mom for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award!  It’s such a great feeling and I am honored that you picked me as one of your six.  I’m so pleased that you find my writing tips useful.  The Kreativ blogger award rules are: 1. Share 10 things about yourself that readers might … Continue reading

Note 248 – How writers can end up with posture problems

As a project manager by day and a writer by night, I spend a lot of time on the computer (mixture of desktop and laptop sessions) which results in head and neck aches.  What I’ve noticed over the Christmas period is that these symptoms seem to have gone away, which is interesting to me as I have … Continue reading

Note 246 – What does your blog or website give others?

Does your blog or site make someone’s life better?  This morning when I was thinking about what my website gives others, I opened an email from Sonia Simone, co-founder of about the source of authority*.  What I found interesting as I read on, was their explanation that “authority is about more than attention … it’s about a … Continue reading

Note 241 – Origami: The Art of Folding Paper

I didn’t realise how magical the art of folding paper was until I opened the book that I bought my daughters for Christmas – it’s called Origami for Children by Mari and Roshin Ono. The book contains 35 projects and a pack of very pretty paper for making the objects. We made a box this … Continue reading

Note 238 – You’ll make it as a writer if you just have hope

Writers love people reading what they have poured their time into, and revel in the constructive comments and praise.  All of this keeps a writer going and encourages the creation of another piece of work; however, there is something else important.  This is the hope that something great will come of all this writing and that it will generate enough income to be able to spend more time … Continue reading

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