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Note 323 – Eight writing books as a source of information

As a blogger of daily writing tips, I need to make sure that my source of information is not only trustworthy, but written in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.  There are so many books, websites and magazines offering such information and it’s easy to spend all day looking things up.  I only have … Continue reading

Note 303 – What does a writer carry with them?

With the spine and posture issues I am having, I thought it was wise to review what I carry to work with me. For years I have been aware that I lug around far too much wherever I am going. Why do I need a big rucksack plus a medium-sized handbag when I go to … Continue reading

Note 301 – Can changing titles make posts more popular?

After publishing Note 300 yesterday it got me thinking about why some of my posts have been more popular than others, for example, why Note 192 ‘In doing so’ v ‘in so doing’ has had 206 views whilst Note 243 – Authority = Great Content + Shared Links + Google Ranking  has only had 2 views.  For a … Continue reading

Note 294 – Rewriting is the essence of writing

Even though I like things to be clear and concise when I read them, I do love decluttering a piece of writing. I revel in sorting things out (a bit like a messy room – I love to plan my attack and get straight in!). Anyway, today I got to utilise this skill whilst rewriting … Continue reading

Note 288 – Do you get writing ideas from watching films?

I am not much of a television watcher myself, and often find it a waste of my time (unless it’s a ‘feel good’ film or romantic comedy!).  On the other hand, my partner loves watching films and from the many he records, we occasionally find one that we can watch together.  Having a few hours … Continue reading

Note 286 – How writers can benefit from stressful situations

Do you write down your thoughts when feeling stressed or angry? Not only can this process make you feel better, but when you read your notes back you may find gold nuggets of inspiration which can be used in a writing piece to help others too. Stressful and difficult situations can influence you into writing … Continue reading

Note 274 – How being a ’30 minute’ writer works for me

  A writer friend and I were discussing how we squeeze writing into our busy lives.  She has recently learnt to do 20 minute short bursts of writing and although she was dubious of this method at first, it is working really well for her.  I told her that I’m more of a 30 minute writer as this (quite by … Continue reading

Note 267 – The benefits of writing ‘how to’ articles

I see a lot of articles come through my inbox from sites I subscribe to. Whenever I see a ‘how to’ article I feel compelled to click on it,  possibly because it might teach me something (and I love learning). The most recent one was from Write it Sideways by Suzannah. She always writes good articles so opening a ‘how … Continue reading

Note 226 – Writing on the train has many advantages

One of my writing spaces is on the train to and from work.  It’s the bridge between home and work life and my favourite ‘me’ time.  Writing helps me switch off between the two fast pace areas of my life.  The thirty minute journey each way whizzes past as quick as the Kent countryside and … Continue reading

Note 206 – Your writing style: be yourself and be unique

Your writing style is unique to you – if people choose to read what you write, it will be because they like your style and the personality that shines through. William Zinsser, author of On Writing Well, says that “all writing is a journey; you the writer are asking someone to go on a trip with you”.  This could apply … Continue reading

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