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Note 196 – Writing (or thinking about writing) whilst you are cooking!

I see cooking as a bit of a chore whereas I have a passion for writing.  Today I have realised that combining the two, has created something so powerful that I am going to keep a notebook and pen in my kitchen cupboard from now on.  This is going to be very productive multi-tasking.  I usually do have inspirational … Continue reading

Note 188 – How people-watching can help a non-fiction writer too…

Being mainly a non-fiction writer, I have never felt the need to watch people and write down valuable thoughts that I can use in my writing pieces….until today.  Earlier on I was sent a link on Twitter which led me to an article by Cindy Huff called “How People-Watching Makes You a Better Writer” (source: Write It Sideways website … Continue reading

Note 187 – How writers can get more Twitter followers

After 5 minutes flow writing and still no inspiration for today’s blog, I thought I’d research getting more followers on Twitter.  After all that is part of the Daily Writing Tips course work this week.  Before signing up to the popular blog directories, I googled ‘Twitter followers for writers’ and it brought back 19 million results. The … Continue reading

Note 186 – Preparing for writer’s block

Today’s suggestion for a writing topic comes from Noel Walker, founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want (Twitter @GTLYW).  The suggestion he tweeted was “what about something on the lines of writers block i.e. just start writing, anything & allow those inspired thoughts to come?”. Thanks Noel.  I don’t recall ever having writer’s block as such, but … Continue reading

Note 185 – Writing about subjects you are passionate about

Whether you are writing for yourself or others, it really helps if you enjoy what you are writing about.  Since I was four I’ve mostly written for myself – diaries, journals, notes etc.  In more recent years, my writing focus has changed and although I still keep personal journals, I also love writing for others (on … Continue reading

Note 183 – Well organised blog content

This is day 183 which marks the half way point of My Writing Challenge. I feel that I now need to organise the content not only for historical posts but also future ones, so that they are all accessible to readers of this blog.  I will update the site to make it easy to do things like ‘search by category’ or ‘find the most popular … Continue reading

Note 179 – Trying to multi-task as a writer

I have so much work on at the moment with my main job and my freelance writing career, that I sometimes struggle to work out what would be the best use of my time.  Maybe it will help if I lay all my ‘freelance writing tasks’ on the table in a list: I set myself the challenge … Continue reading

Note 176 – Writing in the comfort of your own bed

In Note 168 – Writing the old fashioned way with pen and paper I mentioned that I would try writing in bed whilst having a lay in.  This morning, after first listening to a meditation track for an hour, I got out my notepad and pen.  My thoughts were flowing with so many ideas that I couldn’t write them … Continue reading

Note 175 – Is it okay to not feel like writing some days?

I have had a wonderful day with the family, but now I’m tired and have a headache (have had most of the day).  Although it’s my challenge to blog every day for a year, I’d like to know if it’s okay not to feel like writing some days, even if writing is my passion.   Self-discipline has brought me to my computer … Continue reading

Note 168 – Writing the old fashioned way – with pen and paper

I spend a lot of time on the computer both in my main job as a Project Manager and in my new freelance writing career.  This can cause all sorts of posture problems especially in the neck and back.  Today I decided to spend a bit of time writing the old fashioned way – using pen and paper – and … Continue reading

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