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Note 167 – How to write for Technorati

As part of my plan to grow as a writer, I recently signed up to Technorati which is a blogging platform and search engine that publishes content to millions of people every month.  Topics include entertainment, sport, latest news, parenting and many more.  I received the news this week that they have accepted me as a writer and today I … Continue reading

Note 166 – Trust your writing and don’t deprive the reader

Whilst listening to William Zinsser’s non-fiction audio book today called On Writing Well, I heard the following: “Trust the information that you’ve gathered to make its own point.  Don’t explain why it’s interesting or unusual or emotional”.  Make your writing exciting, but don’t say it’s exciting; let the reader work this out for themselves.  Zinsser … Continue reading

Note 163 – Grammatical building blocks

To recap on yesterday’s blog in Note 162 – Language = Vocabulary + Grammar rules, grammar is the glue that holds the words together to form a language.   Today I am going to analyse a sentence word by word and if this brings up any new information that I haven’t covered before, it will form part of a future post. According … Continue reading

Note 162 – Language = Vocabulary + Grammar rules

Collins Improve your Writing Skills by Graham King explains that you require two keys for language to work as a communication tool – ‘vocabulary’ and ‘grammar’.  Vocabulary (words) will never work on their own without the grammar rules that sticks them together.  I won’t quote Graham King’s analogy on this until later down the page.  Here are a couple … Continue reading

Note 161 – Your web presence as a freelance writer

If you want to make money writing online you need to set up a web presence as a writer.  The Daily Writing Tips course that I’m doing at the moment suggests that it’s useful to have either a website or a blog to showcase your work, so that potential clients have somewhere to see who you are and … Continue reading

Note 154 – Creating a writing plan that works

This week I began a six week freelance writing course with Daily Writing Tips and one of the first tasks was to create a writing plan.  This couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been struggling to fit everything in.  Today I have been busy adding up the hours I spend on the different areas of my life, … Continue reading

Note 153 – Tips on rewriting your CV (curriculum vitae)

Your CV (curriculam vitae) or resume is the first impression that employers get before they make a decision about who to interview.  Even if you are more qualified or skilled than the person they select, you won’t stand a chance if they don’t get the right feel from your CV in the first five to ten seconds … Continue reading

Note 132 – Warming up before the real writing

Writing is like exercising – you have to warm up first.  ‘Just write something’ is usually the advice given by the experts when you have writer’s block or are struggling to produce something good enough.  Today, I read an interesting article called ‘Go with the Flow’ by Helen Yendall (Writing Magazine, October 2011).   In her article she suggests that flow writing, also … Continue reading

Note 100 – Finding the time and space to write

Being note 100 of my writing challenge, I thought I’d make this one a bit different – it’s about how I find the time to write and where I feel comfortable writing.  I also want to share a link with you from ‘the writer today’ where Ana blogs about ‘five ways to put more hours in … Continue reading

Note 92 – What is a dummy subject?

I’ve never really stopped to analyse what the words it and there mean at the start of a sentence.  Today I learnt that they are dummy subjects giving no information about the sentence.  The Oxford A-Z of Grammar & Punctuation by John Seely explains that it and there “simply serve to start the sentence off”. Examples: It was raining on … Continue reading

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