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Note 355 – Is earnt or earned the correct spelling?

Before reading on or looking it up, which word would you use: earnt or earned?  After posting Note 354 yesterday, spellchecker made me consider changing the word earnt to earned and I was in two minds whether to or not, so left it.  I assumed that earned and earnt were two forms of the past tense of … Continue reading

Note 330 – Do you write snuck or sneaked?

Snuck is not a word I tend to use, but I came across it yesterday when I was looking up something else. According to an article by Maeve Maddox, Daily Writing, “the word snuck, as the simple past of sneak, is regarded with disdain by many speakers and writers”.  Sneaked is the correct past tense … Continue reading

Note 311 – Travelling v traveling

I went travelling 10 years ago today (for 8 months); how my life has changed since then. When writing something about this on Facebook earlier, the word travelling corrected itself to traveling, so this was yet another word I had to look up today to check the spelling. As suspected, travelling is the British English way … Continue reading

Note 279 – Comparing centre and center

I would always have said that the main difference between the spellings centre and center is that the former is British English and the latter is American English; however, I have learnt today that there are some variations to this rule.  Difference explains that countries such as Canada and India “have adopted the British system of spelling” and therefore spell it … Continue reading

Note 53 – Punctuation with quotation marks (British v American English)

For the background to my writing challenge, please read my first blog by clicking the following link – If you would prefer to dive straight into note 53, then please read on… Punctuation with quotation marks As mentioned yesterday, when deciding where to put the punctuation marks when using quotation marks, I found that the rules … Continue reading

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