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Note 324 – Eight online sources of information + useful tips

When I wrote yesterday’s post, Note 323 – Eight books as a source of information, it made me realise how much I’ve missed each and every one of my writing books, as I tend to use the internet as a source of reference nowadays instead. I must get back to reading the books as a … Continue reading

Note 263 – How reading can help improve spelling

  I love reading and have always encouraged my two daughters to do the same.  The last few weeks in particular, I’ve been spending more time with them and helping them to learn and recognise new words as they read their school books to me.  This has led to a noticeable improvement in their spelling.  Whilst … Continue reading

Note 200 – Things you didn’t know about The Free Dictionary

To mark the milestone of my 200th blog on my daily My Writing Challenge I thought I’d show you something  a little different.  Did you know that The Free Dictionary (by Farlex) is more than just a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia?  The link above will take you to their home page which has a whole range of information and … Continue reading

Note 191 – Have you tried using talking dictionaries?

There are two online dictionaries that I have found useful when trying to work out how to pronounce something. is “a free online dictionary of English pronunciation” with 151,299 entries (as at the time of writing).  After you’ve typed in your word, it appears in pink – you then hover your mouse over the word and an … Continue reading

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