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Note 297 – Everyone’s talking about ‘writing time’

Everyone seems to be writing about ‘writing time’ at the moment, whether it’s having too much or not enough. Two examples I’ve read today are Give the pen to a busy person by Jamie Raintree and ‘Too much time on my hands by Vikki (The View Outside). Jamie gets so much more done when she … Continue reading

Note 289 – My Writing Challenge Progress

If you’ve read the very first post of this blog, you will know that I was peeling potatoes when the idea popped into my head to create it.  This was the beginning of my writing challenge ‘to learn a new writing tip each day for a year and blog about it to teach others’.  I knew it would be hard work, but … Continue reading

Note 266 – Measuring writing progress in 8 different ways

  As it’s a leap year this year, my writing challenge will finish with note 366 on 30 April 2012.   Today I will start the 100 day countdown.  I thought I would use today’s post to reflect on the past 266 days and think about the skills that I have gained or improved on.  The ability to focus – I’ve always been … Continue reading

Note 245 – The Pressure of New Year’s Resolutions; Choose to be Different…

Unless you absolutely have to start your goals or resolutions on January 1st (which most of us don’t) why not choose a different starting point?  Why not make yours January 15th or a completely different month to give yourself a bit more time for ideas to form?  This way you are more likely to stick to them.  Anyway, “according to statistics, … Continue reading

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