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Note 251 – The prefix ‘omni’ and related words

I came across the word omniscient today which is not a word I’ve seen before, but once I started my research I realised that there are many words that begin with omni.  So, I’ll begin with that definition. Omni- (the combining form of the Latin word omnis) means ‘all’ or ‘every’ according to Wikipedia and is used to form compound words such … Continue reading

Note 242 – Definition and Use of the Latin Word [Sic]

Sic is an adverb first seen in English in the mid 19th century, translating to ‘intentionally so written’ according to Wikipedia.  It comes from the Latin adverb sīc meaning ‘thus’, ‘as such’ or ‘in such a manner’ and is pronounced as sick, although Wikipedia suggests that “its Latin ancestor is pronounced more like the English word seek“.  The word sic usually … Continue reading

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