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Note 194 – Adding a free Flickr image to your blog post

I decided that today was going to be the day that I learnt how to add a free online Flickr image to my blog.  Before going straight to the Flickr website, I typed in ‘Free blog photos’ in Google which brought back 995 million results.  The article that caught my eye was called Top 6 Sites to Find … Continue reading

Note 193 – Twitter isn’t a race – 6 rules and best practices for following

Since my post on 3 November (Note 187: How Writers Can Get More Followers on Twitter) I have managed to get an handful of additional followers.  Although there is probably nothing wrong with adding 80 or so people that I hadn’t chosen to follow individually, I felt a little uncomfortable with the process, so (being a goody goody) I decided … Continue reading

Note 192 – ‘In doing so’ v ‘in so doing’

A work colleague emailed me today with this scenario: ‘In doing so’ versus ‘In so doing’ – which is better or grammatically correct?  Or is it the use of old fashioned language to use the latter? Before researching, my immediate thought was that ‘in doing so’ sounds better, but after a quick glance at some forums both … Continue reading

Note 191 – Have you tried using talking dictionaries?

There are two online dictionaries that I have found useful when trying to work out how to pronounce something. is “a free online dictionary of English pronunciation” with 151,299 entries (as at the time of writing).  After you’ve typed in your word, it appears in pink – you then hover your mouse over the word and an … Continue reading

Note 190 – Autohagiography and other unusual words

Tiny Online has a section on their website called ‘unusual words’.  The one that caught my eye today was ‘autohagiography’ which is a rarely used words meaning “one who speaks and writes in a smug fashion about their own life and accomplishments”.  World Wide Words (a site by writer Michael Quinion) say that: “The first use of it I can trace … Continue reading

Note 189 – Using the word ‘arrhae’

Having been at my cousin’s wedding all day in London, I knew that it was going to be tricky to find a writing tip to blog about – until halfway through the church service when my family turned to me and asked what arrhae meant. After googling it later, I’ve discovered that it means unity coins … Continue reading

Note 188 – How people-watching can help a non-fiction writer too…

Being mainly a non-fiction writer, I have never felt the need to watch people and write down valuable thoughts that I can use in my writing pieces….until today.  Earlier on I was sent a link on Twitter which led me to an article by Cindy Huff called “How People-Watching Makes You a Better Writer” (source: Write It Sideways website … Continue reading

Note 187 – How writers can get more Twitter followers

After 5 minutes flow writing and still no inspiration for today’s blog, I thought I’d research getting more followers on Twitter.  After all that is part of the Daily Writing Tips course work this week.  Before signing up to the popular blog directories, I googled ‘Twitter followers for writers’ and it brought back 19 million results. The … Continue reading

Note 186 – Preparing for writer’s block

Today’s suggestion for a writing topic comes from Noel Walker, founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want (Twitter @GTLYW).  The suggestion he tweeted was “what about something on the lines of writers block i.e. just start writing, anything & allow those inspired thoughts to come?”. Thanks Noel.  I don’t recall ever having writer’s block as such, but … Continue reading

Note 185 – Writing about subjects you are passionate about

Whether you are writing for yourself or others, it really helps if you enjoy what you are writing about.  Since I was four I’ve mostly written for myself – diaries, journals, notes etc.  In more recent years, my writing focus has changed and although I still keep personal journals, I also love writing for others (on … Continue reading

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