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Note 204 – How metaphors are different to similes

Yesterday I blogged about similes and today I am going to explain how they differ from metaphors.  Graham King in his book Collins Improve your Writing Skills, explains that metaphors are “describing something by using an analogy with something quite different”.  In the example it’s raining cats and dogs, we don’t actually think that there are cats and dogs falling … Continue reading

Note 203 – The use of similes in writing

According to Graham King in his book Collins Improve your Writing Skills, a simile “makes a direct comparison between two dissimilar things”, for example, as fit as a fiddle or as drunk as a skunk and similes are usually joined by the introductory words ‘as’, ‘like’, ‘as if’ or ‘as though’.  Bernard C Lamb in his book The Queen’s English calls them … Continue reading

Note 202 – Ever wondered what your Twitter account grade is?

Have you ever wondered how successful your Twitter account is?  Today I learnt about a great free tool called Tweet Grader (by HubSpot) and by just typing in your Twitter user name, you can find out how powerful your account is against millions of other graded accounts. It only takes a minute or so for your … Continue reading

Note 201 – How the Digg social media tool can drive traffic to your site

I’ve heard a lot about Digg and its benefits to writers but never visited the site until today.  Digg is a social media site displaying blogs and articles about a wide variety of topics e.g. lifestyle, sport, technology and many more.  Digg itself doesn’t decide what is popular, this is all done by users votes (or Diggs).  The … Continue reading

Note 200 – Things you didn’t know about The Free Dictionary

To mark the milestone of my 200th blog on my daily My Writing Challenge I thought I’d show you something  a little different.  Did you know that The Free Dictionary (by Farlex) is more than just a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia?  The link above will take you to their home page which has a whole range of information and … Continue reading

Note 199 – Get your website or blog discovered with StumbleUpon

I have recently learnt that StumbleUpon is a great tool for writers.  Brian Halligan Darmesh Shah (authors of an audio book I am listening to called Inbound Marketing) describe StumbleUpon as a free social discovery site “helping you discover content that you might like”.  It has over 7 million registered users and is well-known for showing you the best that is on the … Continue reading

Note 198 – Five reasons why LinkedIn can be great for writers

It’s been suggested to me three times over the last few weeks (by word of mouth, from my online writing course and when listening to an audio book) that creating a LinkedIn Account could benefit me as a writer.  So, taking that as a sign I have set up an account today and although I am very … Continue reading

Note 197 – How SEO tool ‘Website Grader’ can help you improve your website

This morning I was listening to Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s audio CD called Inbound Marketing and I am excited to tell you about one of their suggested tools, which is ‘Website Grader’ by HubSpot.  It is a useful free tool which can show you how your website grades.  It also identifies SEO problems and how popular you on the social media side.  The process is … Continue reading

Note 196 – Writing (or thinking about writing) whilst you are cooking!

I see cooking as a bit of a chore whereas I have a passion for writing.  Today I have realised that combining the two, has created something so powerful that I am going to keep a notebook and pen in my kitchen cupboard from now on.  This is going to be very productive multi-tasking.  I usually do have inspirational … Continue reading

Note 195 – Creating useful lists in Twitter which may help you as a writer

If you have a Twitter account and follow hundreds of people, it becomes an unmanageable task of viewing all the tweets from those you are following in your timeline – they pop up every second, all day long!  I just do a quick scan down my timeline now and again and read (and sometimes retweet) … Continue reading

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