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Note 252 – The use of Prefixes and Suffixes

According to Oxford, prefixes and suffixes are not words in their own right but a group of letters added to the beginning and end of other words to form new ones.  Prefixes such as omni- and un- can be placed at the beginning of bus and cover to make omnibus and uncover, whereas suffixes such as -able and -ise can be placed at the end … Continue reading

Note 251 – The prefix ‘omni’ and related words

I came across the word omniscient today which is not a word I’ve seen before, but once I started my research I realised that there are many words that begin with omni.  So, I’ll begin with that definition. Omni- (the combining form of the Latin word omnis) means ‘all’ or ‘every’ according to Wikipedia and is used to form compound words such … Continue reading

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