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Note 297 – Everyone’s talking about ‘writing time’

Everyone seems to be writing about ‘writing time’ at the moment, whether it’s having too much or not enough. Two examples I’ve read today are Give the pen to a busy person by Jamie Raintree and ‘Too much time on my hands by Vikki (The View Outside). Jamie gets so much more done when she … Continue reading

Note 274 – How being a ’30 minute’ writer works for me

  A writer friend and I were discussing how we squeeze writing into our busy lives.  She has recently learnt to do 20 minute short bursts of writing and although she was dubious of this method at first, it is working really well for her.  I told her that I’m more of a 30 minute writer as this (quite by … Continue reading

Note 271 – Ten tips for preparing blogs and articles in advance

Even if you love writing, there may be days when you are feeling a bit under the weather and cannot face logging on to your computer.  When you find yourself feeling like this and you are up against a writing deadline, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had something prepared that you could just tidy up and … Continue reading

Note 226 – Writing on the train has many advantages

One of my writing spaces is on the train to and from work.  It’s the bridge between home and work life and my favourite ‘me’ time.  Writing helps me switch off between the two fast pace areas of my life.  The thirty minute journey each way whizzes past as quick as the Kent countryside and … Continue reading

Note 179 – Trying to multi-task as a writer

I have so much work on at the moment with my main job and my freelance writing career, that I sometimes struggle to work out what would be the best use of my time.  Maybe it will help if I lay all my ‘freelance writing tasks’ on the table in a list: I set myself the challenge … Continue reading

Note 175 – Is it okay to not feel like writing some days?

I have had a wonderful day with the family, but now I’m tired and have a headache (have had most of the day).  Although it’s my challenge to blog every day for a year, I’d like to know if it’s okay not to feel like writing some days, even if writing is my passion.   Self-discipline has brought me to my computer … Continue reading

Note 155 – Putting the writing plan to the test

Yesterday I blogged about creating a writing plan that works. Today I have not only tested out the plan, but also discussed it with the family which includes my two young children.  They seemed to like the idea that if mummy starts to make more money in her new freelance writing career, she will be able to … Continue reading

Note 154 – Creating a writing plan that works

This week I began a six week freelance writing course with Daily Writing Tips and one of the first tasks was to create a writing plan.  This couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been struggling to fit everything in.  Today I have been busy adding up the hours I spend on the different areas of my life, … Continue reading

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