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Note 348 – Accidentally overwriting blog posts

I was horrified that I was able to overwrite last night’s blog post by mistake (from my iPhone) but thankfully it all turned out okay, by taking advantage of the cool feature in WordPress – I apologise in advance if you already know about this. Here are the steps I took to mess things up … Continue reading

Note 259 – Adding images using the WordPress media gallery

A couple of months ago, I blogged about using images in my posts, but stopped using them after a few days as it felt too big a job to either find an image or take a photo myself.  I thought about it again this week when my brother Robert quite rightly pointed out that my blogs would be more appealing with an image. Now, Robert … Continue reading

Note 235 – I mapped my WordPress blog to a new domain in just a few minutes!

If you read yesterday’s post Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?, you will know that I was considering making some changes to my WordPress domain name. Everytime I logged into WordPress, I was seeing the message ‘Be the master of your own domain….’ and I’ve been tempted for a while now. All … Continue reading

Note 234 – Have you converted your WordPress blog to your own domain?

I’ve been thinking of being the ‘master of my own domain’ on this blog rather than having ‘WordPress’ in the URL but I am hesitant because of a few things such as the cost and a lack of understanding of how it works.  Is it automatic that everyone who is already following me will know the new URL? Maybe this is a … Continue reading

Note 225 – Copying a post in WordPress

I posted a question on the WordPress Forum today but as I haven’t had a response yet, I thought I would throw the question to a wider audience.  The situation is that I used to be able to copy a post that I had already published, thus saving me time each day.  At the moment I … Continue reading

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