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Note 12 – Affect and Effect (as nouns)

As mentioned in Affect and Effect (as verbs) yesterday, both affect and effect can be used as a noun or a verb and each one has one or more meaning.  Yesterday I wrote about the verb form and today’s blog includes examples of where it can be used as a noun.  Here goes: 

Where effect and affect are NOUNS

An effect
An affect

I have taken the definitions for the word effect from the Collins English dictionary (Home edition), but added my own examples:

Effect (noun)

Definition: Change or result caused by someone or something
Example: The training I received had an effecton my pass mark.

Definition: Condition of being operative
Example: The new timetable comes into effect next month.

Definition: Overall impression
Example: The uncluttered rooms gave an effect of cleanliness and good housekeeping.

Effects (plural noun)              

Definition: Lighting, sounds etc to accomplish a film or broadcast
Example: The film I watched at the cinema had special effects 

Affect (noun)

My definition: In psychology and psychiatry, the word affect is used as a technical term to express an emotional response.
Example: The anxious and overwhelmed affect may be viewed as a symptom of stress.

My thoughts: Apparently there are more situations where affect is a verb and effect is a noun,  so I will use this general rule to help me initially (until I get really good at it of course!).  I really struggled to come up with a meaning for affect as a noun and it took even longer to think of an example to illustrate this, but the good thing is, I won’t forget it now.

All I can say is good luck; if I find any more useful tips, I will add some comments to this blog.

Until tomorrow…


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Collins English dictionary (Home edition)


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