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Note 29 – Sentence order

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‘Order’ in a sentence

According to Bernard C Lamb in his book The Queen’s English, the most popular way of ordering your sentences would be subject, verb and then the remaining parts:

1. Subject – verb – and then the rest:

  • Holly is pretty
  • Chocolate melts in your mouth
  • The train arrived late

To break the first sentence down: ‘Holly’ is the subject, ‘is’ is the verb and ‘pretty’ is the object.

To write all your sentences like the above may make your writing a little boring.  To spice things up you could vary your order (example 2) or put another word or phrase before your sentence (example 3) as follows:

2. Verb – Subject – and then the rest:

  • Is Holly pretty?
  • Melt chocolate slowly in your mouth

3. Phrase – subject – verb – and then the rest:

  • Due to delays, the train arrived late
  • There’s no denying it,  Holly is pretty

Should you split the subject and verb?

Whilst you can play around with the order of your sentences, it isn’t advisable to put a word or phrase between the subject and the verb.  I will cover this area tomorrow.

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Bernard C. Lamb The Queen’s English (2010), UK


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