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Note 42 – Paragraph layout

For the background to my writing challenge, please read my first blog by clicking the following link –  If you would prefer to dive straight into note 42, then please read on…

Paragraph layout 

As I have a publisher interested in my book at the moment, I am working on tidying up my manuscript.  It reminded me of a tip I learnt from Lorraine Mace at Freelance Market News (FMN).  She reviewed a chapter of my book last year as part of the free appraisal service that FMN offers.  This was one of the tips she gave which I found very helpful:

“Opening paragraphs (including those signalling a change of scene) shouldn’t be indented, but all other paragraphs need indents. No additional white space between paragraphs is needed unless it’s to signal a change of subject.”   Lorraine Mace, Freelance Market News


To show you an example, I have pasted an opening paragraph and follow on paragraph from my book.  Please see below:

“The purpose of ‘A Gift for Stressed and Busy Mums’ is to help busy mums get through difficult and stressful situations by encouraging the use of simple tips and techniques for a happier, easier and more in control life.  Having a balance of work, play and relaxation is the framework around which this book is written.  For this reason, some tips may also help dads or non-parents, so feel free to pass any relevant tips on.
         Throughout the chapters you will find a variety of different methods to try, as a light relief from the routine of hoovering, washing up, cleaning, ironing, bathing the kids, traipsing round the shops changing nappies (if they are still in them!) and generally doing everything for everyone else.  Obviously these things still need to be done, but you could try a different approach (See chapter 6: Organising the Home and chapter 7 ‘Managing the Household Chores’).”


Action for you:  pick up a few of the books you own and have a look at the layout of the paragraphs.

Today has been a good, but extemely busy one.  Time for my relaxing bath topped with drops of lavender essential oil! 

Until tomorrow…


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