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Note 78 – Dependent or Dependant

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Using the words dependent and dependant

There is quite a distinct difference in the meaning of these two words, according to Pocket Writer’s Handbook (Penguin Reference Library) by Martin Manser and Stephen Curtis.  They state that in British English, dependent is an adjective (e.g. dependent on someone of something) whereas dependant is a noun (her dependant child)  

The Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus helps by explaining that the adjective dependent is followed by the word ‘on’ or ‘upon’.  It also defines dependent as follows:

  • Depending on a person or things for aid, support, etc.
  • Influenced or conditioned (by); contingent (on)
  • Subordinate; subject

Examples in sentences:

1. He is dependent on Katie for support

2. Project A that I am working on is dependent on project B going live


Here are a few definitions of dependant in The Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus:

  • A person who depends on another organisation or person etc., for support, aid or sustenance, esp. financial support
  • Relative
  • Hanger-on
  • Client
  • Subordinate

Examples in sentences:

1. I have two dependants in my family

2. He is a dependant of Martin

American English spelling

Please note that in American English the noun and the adjective are both spelt ‘dependent’. 

That’s all for today.  As always, I am happy to take requests on the subject of grammar/punctuationmmar/writing tips or similar.  

How was your weekend?  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the children.

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The Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus


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