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Note 170 – Blog posts: sharing and commenting

We all feel good when someone comments on one of our blog posts and and even more so when they then share it with others too.  Thank you Jackie Paulson for commenting on so many of mine today – it was not only great to get the comments, but it also inspired me for today’s blog. 

What I have also learnt from my Daily Writing Tips course is that you should aim to comment on quite a few blog posts a day (suggestion – 10 or 15) in order to increase the traffic back to your site and promote your blog.  Posting a comment like ‘That’s a great post’ isn’t ideal as it doesn’t really acknowledge what the writer has taken the time to do.  Try and think of something that will add value to what they have written.

Things to try today…

Find a few blogs in your niche (or maybe in a different niche) and if you feel compelled to comment – write an honest and decent length response.  It won’t take long and it will not only put a smile on that person’s face, but you may have learnt something worthwhile.  Why not then share it with others too as this could end up being very beneficial to you.

Does anyone else spend a lot of time ‘commenting’ and ‘sharing’?  Is this part of your master plan every day?  I’ve tried it in the last week and have only managed one or two a day if that.  Will have to try harder!

Thank you to all my loyal followers – I really appreciate the support.   Welcome to any new readers too. 

This blog post forms part of my writing challenge. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to receive my daily blogs by email so that you don’t miss any. Just click ‘sign me up’ on the home page. Alternatively you can follow my blogs on Twitter or my ‘Tips and LuxuriesFacebook page. Requests for future blogs (punctuation/grammar/writing tips) are always welcome.

Until tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “Note 170 – Blog posts: sharing and commenting

  1. Comments do make a body feel special, don’t they?
    Leaving 10 to 15 comments a day feels a little out of my reach (or rather, a *lot*), predominantly because it tends to take me a good 10 to 15 minutes to think out, type, half-delete, retype, rethink, and re-retype and edit almost anything more meaningful than “Lol, so true, great post! (: ”
    But I do try to keep my eye open for posts to which I feel I simply *have* to contribute my nickel (keep the three-cent change). Sure, it’s partly self-serving — I want blog attention, and as you’ve mentioned, sticking your words everywhere is good for promotion. Beyond that, though — (full-circle time) — I know that little thrill that accompanies receiving “likes” and comments and new subscriptions, and I like to be others-serving, too.
    In conclusion, then… lol, so true, great post! (:

    Posted by deshipley | October 18, 2011, 5:09 am
  2. Coudn’t agree more Sandra – nice to think of somebody on the other side of the world taking the time to appreciate my form of nonsense and actually feel warm and cuddly towards it by posting a helpful comment. Which reminds me time to sort out the next batch………

    Posted by gingerfightback | October 18, 2011, 12:13 pm

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