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Note 219 – The meaning of the word secular

You appear to be able to use the word secular in many contexts, but its main use is when referring to something ‘non-religious’ or ‘worldly’. It is also means “occurring or observed once in an age or century” according to The Free Dictionary.

The use of the adjective secular in sentences:

  • The rules applied to both secular and religious buildings.
  • Jason had a secular attitude towards death
  • It was a secular occurrence to see that particular planet from earth

According to Merriam-Webster secular can also be used as a noun which has the following meanings:

  • an ecclesiastic (as a diocesan priest) not bound by monastic vows or rules : a member of the secular clergy
  • a layman

Derivatives of secular 

Noun: secularism
Verb: secularise (or secularize)
Adverb: secularly

Origin of secular

Old French: seculer
Latin: secularis and saeculum (when referring to ‘of an age’)

My thoughts:  I’m definitely increasing my vocabulary by continuing with this blog.  Just looking a word up doesn’t always make it stick, but researching the different meanings and how they can be used in sentences helps to reinforce it in my memory.  I hadn’t heard of this word until yesterday, but would feel comfortable using it in a sentence now.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

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