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Note 341 – Copywriting v copyrighting

Wikipedia defines copywriting as “the act of writing copy for the purpose of marketing and advertising a person, business, opinion or idea”.  Yesterday’s post Note 339 – What is a copywriter? included’s definition of copywriting which a “unique representation of an idea to hook more and more readers”.  According to The Cambridge Dictionaries online a copywriter is “someone who writes the words for advertisements”.

A professional copywriter can write things for you in a clear and concise way, therefore attracting the right people to your site to buy your product or service. As says (in their blog Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter) “some people hate Brussels sprouts, others hate stringing words together”.

Copyrighting is completely different, as this is to do with the legal rights over your own work (and usually displayed with the © symbol).  I like Wikipedia’s definition of copyright which is “a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time”.

According to an article on, copyright is an automatic right whether the work is registered or not, although it’s sometimes easier to settle disputes if you do register your work.  They suggest that it’s “perhaps best to think of registration as insurance in case someone decides to steal your work”.  This same site has an excellent overview of the many variations of these words (some spelt correctly and some incorrectly) including copyrighting, copywrite, copywright, copyrighted, copywritten, copywriter or copywrighter – it’s worth checking out the article.


Copyright (Photo credit: A. Diez Herrero)

The Cambridge dictionaries online defines copyright as “the legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, photograph or piece of music”. 

To recap on the above, I’ve used variations of these words in a few sentences below:

  • Susie’s work is protected by copyright
  • Copyright applies to actual work and not ideas
  • Jack decided to register the copyright over his work 
  • Zac is a freelance copywriter
  • Copywriting is something Maisie would love to make a career out of

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