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Note 322 – McKenzie D lumber roll to help you sit correctly

How many of you sit in a chair to type or write and don’t feel like you are sitting correctly? On the very first visit with my chiropractor, he asked me if I had a McKenzie D roll or similar lumbar support. I told him that there was something fitting that description under my desk … Continue reading

Note 314 – Where and how do you sit with your laptop?

I’ve been talking a lot about posture over the last few weeks and today I was thinking about something my chiropractor said about where I usually sit and use my laptop. My response to that would be: at the dining room table (or similar table) on the train in bed on the settee Being very … Continue reading

Note 313 – Upper cross syndrome

This blog post is not a ‘writing fact’ as such but instead relates to the posture issues I have been talking about over the last few weeks. As a writer, I’m guilty of sitting at the computer incorrectly (or sitting anywhere incorrectly for that matter – more about that another day). Anyway, my chiropractor Mark … Continue reading

Note 302 – Take care of your spine through good posture

My head, neck and back aches haven’t solely been caused by poor posture whilst sitting at the computer writing, but I certainly could have prevented it getting so bad if I had taken regular breaks. Stress and tension on the body can also be felt if you are sitting there feeling like you need to … Continue reading

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