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Note 322 – McKenzie D lumber roll to help you sit correctly

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How many of you sit in a chair to type or write and don’t feel like you are sitting correctly? On the very first visit with my chiropractor, he asked me if I had a McKenzie D roll or similar lumbar support. I told him that there was something fitting that description under my desk at work collecting dust, which obviously wasn’t the answer he was looking for. I dusted it off and tried it for a few weeks.

According to Amazon, who are a supplier of these rolls, the McKenzie D lumber roll is “designed by world-renowned physiotherapist and author, Sir Robin McKenzie OBE”., who are another supplier, explain that they are “Currently used by leading physiotherapists worldwide, lumbar rolls are the result of 40 years of expertise in successfully treating neck and back problems”. You can also get similar back cushions in office supply stores such as

They’re inexpensive as well (average price around £10) which makes it a small price to pay for something that will prevent head, back and neck problems.

What is it like to use?

The one that I have straps to the back of the chair and you can position it where it feels comfortable. Although it felt like it got in the way at first, two weeks later I am now converted. When I sit at my desk it’s a reminder to sit up straight.

If you do choose to purchase one, it’s probably best to try different sizes and shapes because they don’t all feel the same. Some are D-shaped and some cylindrical, and they also come in different sizes. There are also many different makes. I tried a few different ones out at work and settled with the small D-shaped one. It took a bit of getting used to, but has helped me; however, they are not for everyone (so don’t go rushing out to buy one!).

It certainly helps curve my back correctly thus preventing me slouching at my desk! I now have one at home as well and transfer it from chair to chair. I’ve even used it on the settee as that’s the worst place to sit if you have posture issues, as it’s so easy to sink in. I believe you can even use similar ones in the car.

Do you use something similar when you are sitting at your desk?

That’s all for today.

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