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Note 314 – Where and how do you sit with your laptop?


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I’ve been talking a lot about posture over the last few weeks and today I was thinking about something my chiropractor said about where I usually sit and use my laptop. My response to that would be:

  1. at the dining room table (or similar table)
  2. on the train
  3. in bed
  4. on the settee

Being very concerned about how bad posture can affect me long-term, I have recently stopped using positions 2 to 4 above. If you frequently type using a laptop, I’m assuming you have a similar list to me. Think about your posture and how certain muscles can get strained in the positions you put yourself in.

Quick fixes

At the moment I’m raising my laptop on a box so that it’s at the correct height (eye level) and am using it in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse (on the dining room table). This all works fine, until it’s time for dinner!

More long-term solutions

I’ve been looking around at laptop stands as mentioned in Note 304 Laptop stands can help with posture issues. There are a good selection on which “ensures the laptop is at the correct height and angle for the user, preventing hunching over the screen that causes neck strain”.

I have also been approached by who have told me all about their own particular make of stand. This piece of equipment not only raises the laptop to an ergonomically correct position, but keeps it cool without a fan. It’s also very light and folds flat making it easy to carry around.

Putting your feet up

My chiropractor has advised against putting my feet up whilst sitting on the settee for long periods of time (especially with the laptop on my lap). For similar reasons, sitting up in bed is not advised either.

Putting your feet up whilst your back is in the upright position stretches the wrong muscles and doesn’t put you in an ergonomically correct position. It goes without saying that this reclining position is obviously not advisable when using a laptop; however, if you do have a reclining armchair/sofa then that is apparently a better option when relaxing.

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3 thoughts on “Note 314 – Where and how do you sit with your laptop?

  1. Thanks for the tip, Sandra. I just ordered my Ergo-Tilt.


    Posted by Bruce Stambaugh | March 10, 2012, 8:52 pm


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