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Note 322 – McKenzie D lumber roll to help you sit correctly

How many of you sit in a chair to type or write and don’t feel like you are sitting correctly? On the very first visit with my chiropractor, he asked me if I had a McKenzie D roll or similar lumbar support. I told him that there was something fitting that description under my desk … Continue reading

Note 314 – Where and how do you sit with your laptop?

I’ve been talking a lot about posture over the last few weeks and today I was thinking about something my chiropractor said about where I usually sit and use my laptop. My response to that would be: at the dining room table (or similar table) on the train in bed on the settee Being very … Continue reading

Note 312 – The Erector Spinae (group of muscles)

Being a writer, I spend many hours per week on the computer (and this is as well as my day job!).  As mentioned in previous blogs I have not been sitting correctly at the computer which isn’t helping my posture and spine.  My chiropractor, Mark Thomas (Chiropractor clinic), has been treating me for a couple of weeks now, and although … Continue reading

Note 306 – Take frequent micro-breaks from sitting

Although I am taking more regular breaks from writing and typing than I used to, I have promised my chiropractor that I will take them every 25 minutes. Knowing I like information, he gave me a leaflet to read called micro-breaks (by Craig Liebenson) which not only explains why 20-30 minute breaks are important but … Continue reading

Note 303 – What does a writer carry with them?

With the spine and posture issues I am having, I thought it was wise to review what I carry to work with me. For years I have been aware that I lug around far too much wherever I am going. Why do I need a big rucksack plus a medium-sized handbag when I go to … Continue reading

Note 248 – How writers can end up with posture problems

As a project manager by day and a writer by night, I spend a lot of time on the computer (mixture of desktop and laptop sessions) which results in head and neck aches.  What I’ve noticed over the Christmas period is that these symptoms seem to have gone away, which is interesting to me as I have … Continue reading

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